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Melek was born 1975, in the city of Qamischli, in the north of Syria and has grown up with folklore music. His grandparents have supported him to become a great singer, sometimes with iron hands. Melek is the son of a musical family, and with 13 years his musical career started. He started playing the Tambur and singing Kurdish songs.
In 1990 he participated in some Kurdish musical events. In 1993 Melek founded his band with his brothers Fahad (keyboard) and Azad (drums) in Hannover, Germany. They played at several events in Germany and Europe.
A new keyboarder arrived in 2000. The band welcomed Meycel, an awesome musician, who touched the heart of the fans and became is an important member of the band. Meycel and Melek experimented with brand new ways of music and modern Rhytm, like Kurdish music. So they developed new styles in this way of music.
Meleks first album arrived in 1998 and was not successfull. 2004/2005 the second album arrived on the market with the title "Dil Ewin Dare teye", whats been loved by the fans and also is the most known album of him.
Koma Melek has produced a lot of video clips and cassettes, as well as CD's and several appearances at TV Shows on Kurdish Television, all just for his fans. Koma Melek is now one of the most famous and modernest Kurdish music groups in Europe and the whole World.

Melek says: Music is my life, but the fans are most important to me. Without them i would not be the Melek I now am. I will always be thankful for their Support and Help

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